Laser Engraved Keyrings

Keyring Choices

Keyrings (Budget):

£1 unvarnished

£1.50 varnished


Keyrings (Premium):

£3 each

2 for £5


Contact me for orders and custom jobs.


Budget: 35mm squared, 3mm depth.


Premium Round: 39mm squared (36mm burn area), 7mm depth.


Premium Rectangle: 30mm x 54mm (28mm x 52mm burn area), 7mm depth.

Fancy having your drinks coaster choice on a keyring?

(Not all Drinks Coasters will translate 100% to a keyring (loss of detail etc))


When ordering Keyrings from the Drinks Coaster page, please state the set and item number from said page (example: "TV and Movies, 1").

If you're wanting different images on each face, please also state this (example: "Star Wars, 13 & 14").

Also, state whether you'd like the budget or premium wood.


For the Ready To Ship designs, each image is named, so just state which you'd like.

Gaming Keyrings (double-sided, Logo/controlling device)


Choose your console for one side, get the engraved image of its controlling device on the other.


Or if you'd prefer, just ask for the console logo on both sides!




Ask what I have remaining of these 'first burns' (budget), as they're now at the reduced price of £0.50 each.  Any new engravings will be at the prices shown above.

Custom Keyring Designs

If you're after a striking keyring design for yourself or your business, feel free to contact me with your requests.

Premium Keyrings ready to ship/Designs made for Keyrings

Each image is named, just state which design you require and contact me.










Current News

November 2021

New Bookmarks  and button badges Added!


Currently there are 113 sets of Button Badges available to choose from! Totalling to 565 individual designs!!

Also, if you head on over to the External Selling Site you'll find single badge designs!  That's an additional 70 designs!!

66 Premium Keyring designs and 144 Bookmark designs currently online!

Completed movies:

Duncan Farnden-Marks



Please contact me via the contact form.

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