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I'm forever making physical items. See what others have said regarding the items made and purchased from me.

Currently selling: Badges, Bookmarks, Drinks Coasters, Keyrings, Tile Art, and so much more!
Rogue Cinema - Reviews for 2 movie projects
Reviews for both Desert Earth (a motion comic movie), and Human: Playing God (a 3D animated short film).

The Goal of Dark Project Works Pictures

To create value for money works and entertainment, whether that be movies, shorts, writings, imagery, or physical items.

Many of which are available from the  Selling Area.

Real 3D

Take a look at the real world 3D items I've created:  Real 3D

Production Schedule

3D works and movies are currently on hold until further notice.

If you want to know more about my 3D art projects from the very beginning of my career, visit the  Art Project Timeline page for a full overview.

Please visit my galleries.

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