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Check out my Free Poser Content and visit My Renderosity Store!

Covid Mask for the Glasses Wearer

Designed by myself and right here for free download.

Covid Mask for the Glasses Wearer
Designed by Duncan Farnden-Marks
Covid Mask by darkprojectworks.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

3D Box Frames, now available for sale!

Visit the page for more details and orders.

'The Agent: New Dawn -Final Cut' has been released.  This is the complete movie which I've been working on non-stop for over a year and a half.

The Goal of Dark Project Works Pictures

To create value for money works and entertainment, whether that be movies, shorts, writings or imagery.  And now I add models and figures to my ever expanding works!

Real 3D

Take a look at the real world 3D items I've created: Real 3D

Production Schedule



Sculpting in ZBrush with the purpose of making free and salable content for Poser.


Release of Keep Back The Night

If you want to know more about my 3D art projects from the very beginning of my career, visit the Art Project Timeline page for a full overview.

Please visit my galleries.

What's new?


Covid Mask designed by myself, for free download.



3D Box Frames now for sale!



Check out the ZBrush Sculpts page!



The Agent: New Dawn -Final Cut has been released.

Completed movies:

Duncan Farnden-Marks



Please contact me via the contact form.

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