The last psychic and humanities last best hope for survival.


Having escaped the slaughter of the psychics many years before, she resides on Earth in hyper-sleep, whilst her unconscious mind opens portals to an alien race bent on destruction.



Aliah's father, and head scientist on the psychic war project.


He developed the enhancement serum for the psychics, thus increasing their power ten fold.  His daughter he gave the highest dosage, not knowing the dangers that await.



Hardened by war on the front lines, the Sarge now controls one of the last underground hives on Earth.


He's not happy with a psychic on the base, and was part of the extermination squad for wiping out the remaining psychics.



The enemy varies, these are the most common known to Earth forces.


Creating a psychic link with Earth's psychics, they join together on their home planet, opening portals to Earth, attacking from within.


The ultimate invasion.

Current News

February 2022

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