Mitsuko awakens under the light of the moon. She was sure she was done for, after the onslaught from the Vampiric horde took every last ounce of strength she had.

She hears the cleaving sounds of blades upon flesh and bone as she opens her weary eyes. Before her stands a figure, who's skin is as pale as the moonlight itself. He turns to her, wielding a bloody axe, and speaks in a tone that's practically emotionless.
"The sun will soon rise, you are safe now. We will meet again, young Mitsuko. Rest now."
He turns from her, and fades into the bitter moonlight.

Mitsuko's eyes grow heavy.

She looks into his fiery eyes, encased in darkness, and feels an overwhelming lure. She'd had this feeling once before, back in the village, attracting her to the catacombs.
"This could not be", she thought, "Is this man before me, my saviour, or death incarnate?".

He stares back at her, his fangs bearing, revealing his true self. Her heart races, pulsating the air around her, drawing him in. The blood smells its sweetest now, but he knows he mustn't be consumed by it.
"I will not harm you" he says, "My name is, Decan".

He hands her a package wrapped in a blood red cloth, and tied with black horse hair. She unwraps it vigorously, as if ordered by him, revealing a small wooden box. She opens it before him.

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