Young and wreckless, Lotia is the Agency's Agent in training.  Taken under Conrad's wing, she learns much from his experience in combat but remains troubled by the bio terror explosion that should have killed her along with everyone else a year earlier.


Conrad is a born leader, and although he prefers to work alone, he often relies on Lucia for technical advice.  Bringing Lotia into his team and under his wing has opened him up.  His experiences in combat not only help her to become a more efficient Agent but also he understands the emotional trauma she's having.


Happiest behind a computer screen hacking terminals is where Lucia feels at home. Although she's always more than willing to pick up a gun to pitch in with her when the time arises.

Current News

October 2021

This month I'm running a special on button badges.

2 sets for £6.


Currently there are 105 sets available to choose from! Totalling to 525 individual designs!!

66 Premium Keyring designs and 131 Bookmark designs currently online!

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