2009 - The Agent's Destiny

Everything's a go on the new DESTINY. This year so far I have also done some freelance logo designs, but my main concentration is on the new DESTINY anime styled CG movie. It's looking really good, with a teaser trailer released at the beginning of May, setting the style expected for the finished product.


I'm currently working on the first movie trailer for DESTINY: The Movie to hopefully boost some funding. Everything seen in the trailer, will be in the movie. I am also writing the screenplay, which gives a lot of background on the main character's and their relationships to each other. This is to be a huge project.

I have also (June 12th 2009) released a teaser image for the new look of NEW DAWN, which has gone for a darker version of the new DESTINY style. Details on this future project are to remain under wraps for the time being.

July 2nd 2009. DESTINY: THE MOVIE - Pre-production trailer, now online!!

July 29th 2009. DESTINY: THE MOVIE - Trailer 2 - The End Is Coming

August 3rd 2009. NEW DAWN - Art style teaser, preview now online!!!

September 17th 2009. I have brought Cuddles (my sassy model) back to the site, and I'm preparing an animated short for her. Watch this space.

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