2017 - Powering Up

Just before Xmas 2016 my son, Oliver, wrote to me asking if I could make a 'Power Rangers clip'.  So I jumped straight on it.

This has taken a full 3 months, start to finish.  This includes a total, over 2 PC's, 12 weeks of rendering.
The fight scene took an entire month to put together as one single animation, this was a pain as Poser would mess up a previous pose/footwork constantly.  I would have to backtrack a lot to rework poses that had previously taken forever to get right, this was a massive hinder to the workflow.
The Command Centre interior/exterior was sculpted in Curvy 3D, along with the robotic parts and the hands and feet of Alpha.  The idea was for Alpha to be a blend of the original design and the new movie version of the character.  All these parts for Alpha were attached to a Poser figure I deformed for easy posing.

The total cost for making this short is in the region of £250, this doesn't include any of my own time, it's purely based on resources and the extra cost electricity for 24/7 rendering.

Making movies doesn't come cheap.

August 2017

The Agent, after over 3 years in production, finally gets released!!


Plans are already out for the sequel, The Agent: New Dawn, which will be fully 3D animated. The turnaround should be a lot faster.  I'm always learning and personally believe in always learning something new.  These new techniques will be applied to the next movie.


Onwards and upwards!

What's new?


New 3D Shadow Box frames added. 



3D Box Frames now for sale!



Check out the ZBrush Sculpts page!



The Agent: New Dawn -Final Cut has been released.

Completed movies:

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