2016 - It's a Mystery

This year was to be the release (again) of The Agent, but life got in the way yet again.


A few months into the year I started building a figure, based on a drawing I did a couple years back.  The project was a Xmas/Halloween style project, originally it would be completely hand drawn.  Knowing how hard and time-consuming a project like this would be (and really liking the handmade figure I'd just created), I began constructing sets based around the story I had in mind.


I'd never crafted anything like these sets before, and they've impressed everyone.


Please view the gallery below.  Images range from the final version of the Santa figure (May 30th), right through to the last day of filming (October 13th).



So good to finish this project.  It's a strange story, and you never find out what the 'mystery' actually is.  It's a good thing I planned a sequel a while back, whether or not I make it later down the line is another matter, one thing I know for sure is that it won't be stop motion!

October 31st, Halloween.

Hot off the heels of Mystery of the Santa Claus, I filmed and structured an experimental two-minute short titled, 'Sad Clown'.

This was filmed entirely in my living room.  The costume was made by my mum over the course of this past year in preparation for Halloween, but with the whole 'clown craze' that's been going on I didn't think it were wise to go out and about dressed up.


I replaced the clown mask I'd made with a sad clown paint job, and thus the movie came together.

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What's new?

September 2021

Loads more button badges are being added.


Currently there are 91 sets available to choose from! Totalling to 455 individual designs!!


August 2021

25mm Button Badges have arrived to the site!  Various designs available with even more coming soon.


July 2021

All new designs now live for Keyrings and Bookmarks.  The new layout now makes it easier to find what you're looking for.


66 Premium Keyring designs and 131 Bookmark designs currently online!


June 2021

New Bamboo Bookmarks page!

27 bookmark only designs to choose from.

You can also choose designs from the coaster page if you wish.


May 2021

New Keyring Page With Keyring Only Designs:

   Alien Queen/Facehugger

   Marvels Shield/Hydra

   Crash Bandicoot

   Paper Mario

   Oddworld Inhabitants/Happy Abe

   Half-Life/Black Mesa

   Zelda Breath of the Wild 1&2

   Zelda Breath of the Wild - Rectangular

New and Updated Drinks Coaster Designs:


   Half-Life and Portal

   Looney Tunes



   Sonic The Hedgehog



April 2021

New Magnet Sets Added!

   DC Comics Set

   Star Wars Sets 1 - 3

   Super Mario 3D World

                        Set 4 +Extras

   Super Mario Evil Doers

                        Sets 1 & 2


March 2021

New Magnet Sets Added!

   Sonic - Sets 5 - 9

   Super Mario Sellection

                        Sets 1 - 3

   Pokemon - Sets 1 - 5


Feb 2021

New Magnet Set Added!

   Zelda: Stain Glass Windows

   Zelda sets 2 and 3


New Keyring Options!

   Budget and Preimium


Coaster Design Update

   Sonic The Hedgehog


Jan 2021

New Coaster Designs Added!

   Crash Bandicoot

   Family Guy


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