Cast: (in order of appearance)

  • Duncan Farnden-Marks (all 8 episodes, as 2 main characters from episodes 2-8, and also a one-liner in episode 3)
  • Daisy Hedges (all 8 episodes -alternate versions of the character)
  • James Bolton (episodes 2-8)
  • Steve Moreton (episode 2 - voice only)
  • Gemma Chidley (episodes 4-8)
  • Julio Nivar Garcia (episode 6 - voice only)
  • Louisa Allwright (episode 6 - voice only)



Episode One: New World Order, has been online since January 12th 2010. I've had some great feedback personally, from those that know me. And many people can't wait to see the next episode!

The first episode of this series was aimed to introduce everyone briefly to the story and the world, same with previous shorts I've released in the past (Agent, Destiny, Aliah, Zin). This way of introducing the world to my stories has been such a huge success, that it's time for the concept to evolve past the odd short, and onto bigger things.


Episode Two: Loss And Regret, is now online, opening up the story with new characters.


Every episode of Desert Earth is mastered in HD.  But due to some video problems I've experienced with my PC at the time, not every episode made it online in HD.


Desert Earth was originally planned as a 6 episode series, though there was plenty of scope to take the series further. Adding in an extra 2 episodes, filling in the gaps with 2 "flashback" episodes, answers so many questions, yet asks just as many more. The conclusion of this series, and the hints given in the "flashbacks" will have you wanting more, and depending on the series feedback, could give birth to a second series.


Episode Three: God On Trial, has made it online! The episode includes 3D rendered city cars. The city has also been rebuilt, new sets have been made, it's actually looking pretty cool.

I have been a little busy recently. Everything not only takes time, but all depends on what funds I have at the time to buy additional sets/outfits/sound fx/etc. The series is made very low budget, but it does prove that with a proper scripted story, and characters you can relate to in some way or other, anyone can produce something that's worth the time of day.


Episode Four: Survival, has finally arrived, after an almost 6 month gap. There has been a lot on, what with the Thirteen Senses competition and my Keep Back The Night project, but I do aim to complete this series by years end. Also, Keep Back The Night would be my first illustrated novel, which I also do hope to finish and seek a publisher some time in the near future. Be on a watch out for that.


Episode Five: Two Years Before, is now online. I'm thinking that I'll easily (touch wood) be able to output these final episodes every 2 months. It does mean a lot of work, but I really can't wait to conclude this project and move onto something new. Right now I'm thinking about finally making Destiny Of Worlds. The screenplay's there, and this motion comic format has worked very well, so who knows.


Episode Six: Loose Ends, is here, exactly as planned. Everything comes full circle with this instalment, as we get ever closer to the series finale. Be expecting episode 7 by mid July.


Episode Seven: Forces Joined, has arrived. I actually finished the episode a few weeks before release, and I'm currently working on the final episode and the DVD project. There's still so much to do.


Episode Eight: Let Go, the final episode in this series is now online for viewing. When recut, the entire series length is 43 minutes 30 seconds! This and content I won't be releasing online, will come to DVD at the end of 2011. Contact me for further details, as supplies are extremely limited - 250 worldwide.

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