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"Aug 09, 2010

Hi all!

As you all know, our third album 'Crystal Sounds' is to be released later this year. Today we announce that the first single from the album will be 'The Loneliest Star'!

In anticipation of an October release, we now also announce a very exciting and unique competition - we want one of you guys to make the video!!!

This is how it works - we want you to send in your treatments/scripts to, and the best ones will get a copy of the track so you can make the final video!! We want to know everything; the plot, the underlying theme, what will be involved in making it and how you're going to produce the finished article.

Full terms and conditions will follow, but a couple of points to make:

- the video will not feature the band
- the final edit will be subject to band approval

The winning video will also net its creator the sum of £500!

We really can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Well, what are you waiting for!!"

The Plot Behind My Video Submission:

Far in the future, a signal is detected, threatening all life across a multi-dimensional scope.

On Earth, a top secret "Agency" recruits its finest asset, Agent Lotia, for a mission across time and space, via "Temporal Displacement". Her only way back is to find the source of the signal and set it free.

Even further into the future, on the far off war torn world of Zal'lanora, the signal is also detected. Recently joining the rebellion, Detrini Zelentar, former Council assassin, agrees to interdimensional travel via a crude teleportation device.

Two worlds collide, in a mission to save all life, and set free, "The Loneliest Star".

This is the first, and possibly only time, that my two very established characters are thrown into the same story.

Entry Details:

The entire movie was mastered in full HD 1080p. I made my submission, the first minute and a half, on August 12th, 2010.

On September 3rd, I completed the music video, and it's been live on YouTube since that date.

2 weeks later, September 16th, I contacted the management asking what exactly is going on with the competition. I finally got a reply, and they claim they're reviewing a lot of submissions. Though people in the forum say that mine is the only one they've heard of. Surely, as they've been pretty useless at promoting themselves in anything, then someone entering would be checking in on this forum for the "full terms and conditions" that they say will follow.

Cutting a long story short, I didn't get it. Not that I mind, I just enjoyed making it. And with the complete lack of professionalism they've taken with this "competition", I've been at half a mind to pull it from the running anyway, or turn them down if they had said yes.

End of the day, they've made some free advertising out of my work. Let's hope they handle themselves better in the future.

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