2018-2019 - New Dawns & New Ideas

Well, it took the entire year and a half, but I finally finished The Agent: New Dawn.


The Final half of 2019 will be to create sculpts in ZBrush, mainly for use in Poser.


These will range from freebies to salable items.



My first ever use sculpting in ZBrush was to create a static model of an alien/lizard man.  For a test piece I think he turned out quite well.


My second was to sculpt an entire character, to be rigged for Poser and made available for free download.


Rigging is being done externally, with more details to come in due course.

Current News

November 2021

New Bookmarks  and button badges Added!


Currently there are 113 sets of Button Badges available to choose from! Totalling to 565 individual designs!!

Also, if you head on over to the External Selling Site you'll find single badge designs!  That's an additional 70 designs!!

66 Premium Keyring designs and 144 Bookmark designs currently online!

Completed movies:

Duncan Farnden-Marks



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