Proposed Movie Cast of Characters

Here's the cast of characters for "Destiny of Worlds", with a brief write-up for each.

These are all the characters of focus in my screenplay.

Character images coming in due course.


Detrini Zelentar
Trained as a Council assassin, following the murder of her father at the hands of Rradarok. Believed to be a traitor, she joins the resistance.
Role - Main character.

Carl Krainer
One of the few who knows the truth about the war. Works with the resistance to bring peace to the world of Zal'Lanora.
Role - Main character.

Council assassin. Starts as a best friend to Detrini, until Detrini's believed to be a traitor.
Role - Main character.

Lieutenant on board the Avalon. He escapes with the crew and a young Carl Krainer. Family is killed within the 20 year gap between the humans arrival and the war on Zal'Lanora.
Role - Small, beginning of the movie, flashback sequence, and ending the role with the characters death.

Detrini's father, the Commander of the Avalon.
Role - Small, beginning of the movie, and again in a flashback sequence.

Detrini's Mom
Wife of the Avalon Commander. After the beginning of the movie, her whereabouts is unknown.
Role - Small, beginning of the movie.

Young Detrini
Four years old.
Role - Small, beginning of the movie.

Young Carl Krainer
Twelve years old. Like all young crew members, Carl is training to become an officer, should the Avalon remain in space. His teacher is the Avalon's Lieutenant.
Role - Small, flashback sequence.


Main resistance leader, works closely with Carl Krainer.
Role - Main character.

Doctor/Scientist for the resistance.
Role - Small.

Prophet - Deltranor
Show's Detrini her path, tells her of her destiny.
Role - Small.

The arch villain of the story. Desperate to find a cure for his species, he single handily starts the war.
Role - Smallish role, beginning of the movie, and final encounter.

Works in the control centre of the resistance, and pilots the resistance transport ship.
Role - Small.

Additional small roles:

Three one-liner roles, for an Alien/Serillian Commando, speaker voice, door control voice, and a human mech.

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