2000/2002 - The Early Years

I started out in 3D with Bryce 3D, which came free on the first issue of 3D World magazine, by Future Publishing.

My first animations were based on Star Trek. The very first short, created on a 400MHz system, was pretty dodgy, it was very early days. I made part of a remake of this a year later, after I'd learned the program a little more. Then scrapped it, as the Starfleet ships were still very primitive looking.

Everything changed the day Poser 3 arrived on the cover of 3D World. Animated shorts with characters and voices were now at my disposal. Parts for a short called "Harvester Of Sorrows" came about, which I originally started as a story I made in comic form. I had to lip-sync everything manually, but it didn't look too bad. I'll be putting together some of that classic animation in the near future, it'd be nice to see how far things have come. I'll also be adding some new scenes to it, as I only rendered a few scenes back in 2001 while working on the project.

I created a showreel of some parts of my work around 2000/2001. It was put to Billie Piper's Day & Night. Some have said that it's better then the actual music video. Ha ha! The reel got the notice of Wingmakers, and I was offered my first freelance job for their DVD project. Having an aging pc, and lack of time to complete the over 5 minutes of animation, I had to turn down the offer. The mentioned showreel is now on youtube.

2002 - A Second Showreel

This year saw yet another showreel. This time it was a brand new short, fully created in Bryce, with some images of my work thrown in every now and then. It started in a flooded tunnel, which I originally created for the Wingmakers project. Then moved into a bedroom with images of my work present on the walls and on a rug centred in the room. Moving water and great atmosphere set the tone nicely. I whacked the Terminator 2: Judgement Day theme to this piece. You can only imagine the difference it made, it gave it life.

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