The Future. One hundred years have passed since the Earth's sun went supernova. The people of Earth abandoned the doomed planet and colonized in three neighbouring systems. Here they were welcomed by its peaceful inhabitants.

But something went wrong. War erupted. Factions were made among human and alien alike.

Many die, few survive.

Some have a calling, others have a DESTINY.

The Online Comic

Originally released as a 30-page online comic, Destiny was well received for its interesting take on science fiction, art style, and scripted story.

The Motion Comic

Enhancing the appeal, I took all the renders made for the web comic and created the motion comic.  Three friends happily came on board as voice actors to help bring this story to life.


DESTINY: The Motion Comic
Vol.1: CLASH


  • Narrator and additional voices - Duncan Farnden-Marks
  • Carl Krainer - Andy Hunt
  • Detrini & Shanar - Gemma Chidley
  • Za'Dar - Nigel Hicks


Current News

October 2021

This month I'm running a special on button badges.

2 sets for £6.


Currently there are 105 sets available to choose from! Totalling to 525 individual designs!!

66 Premium Keyring designs and 131 Bookmark designs currently online!

Completed movies:

Duncan Farnden-Marks



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