Playing God

The first short story is set in the world of Desert Earth, gives a fleshed-out back story to the Scientist (portrayed by James Bolton), and his involvement with the Jem Generation 5 Program.

One of the unique things about Desert Earth was that no character had a name, and no year in time was the project set.  This short movie continues some ways at least.

Throughout the entire movie, no names are actually spoken, although I have in creating the project named the female prototype robot, Jem (Jem Generation 5, or JemGen5 for short).

I have also named the lead scientist, simply called, Mann.


A construction date for the JemGen5 has already been stated as 2097, several years before the events of Desert Earth; so the Earth had gone to hell a lot earlier then some would have originally thought.

Starring (in order of appearance):


Duncan Farnden-Marks

Kayleigh Uren

James Bolton

Julio Nivar Garcia

Promo Shots

Screenshots -before additional post work (on most images)

Screenshots & behind the scenes for The Agent 'scene bridging' animations

Screenshots & behind the scenes for Destiny of Worlds 'DPWP' logo animation

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January 2022

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